Chargers' Merriman looking at four-game suspension?

San Diego Chargers outside linebacker Shawne Merriman(notes) may need to take a break from playing football pretty soon and it won't be because he wants to. The San Diego Sheriff's Department has apparently turned over all the info it has about Merriman's arrest late Saturday night to the San Diego District Attorney's office, which will soon advise on whether Merriman should be charged or not, according to the Associated Press.Merriman is in a war of words with former girlfriend Tila Tequila about just what the heck he was doing when he supposedly choked Tequila and threw her to the ground on Saturday night when she was trying to leave his house. Merriman is saying he "in no way caused any harm" to Tequila, who was checked over by paramedics on the scene. Tequila, of course, says otherwise. But the word is that if Merriman gets charged a

t all, the league is ready to suspend him for four games.

Source: ESPN/Associated Press


Roethlisberger accuser wants full list of his sex partners

The other day, the lawyers for the woman who is accusing Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger(notes) of sexual assault told the world that it was willing to settle the case if Roethlisberger gave her a public apology and took back all the names he and his lawyers have called her.
Now word is coming out that the lawyers also asked for a full list of all of the sexual partners Roethlisberger has had, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. They also want to know if any of those partners has accused Roethlisberger of sexual misconduct as well.Also on the list of things the lawyers would like are Roethlisberger's telephone and e-mail records as well as for the big fella to get physical and psychiatric examinations. His lawyers apparently wouldn't mind the accuser going under for the same kinds of examinations.

Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review


Should Browns rid themselves of Stallworth?

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell came down hard on receiver Donte' stallworth(notes). The Cleveland Plain Dealer believes the Cleveland Browns should also take a harsh approach and release him.

The Plain Dealer wrote: The Browns can deliver that message to the rest of their players by releasing Stallworth, who certainly doesn't fit into a team that Eric Mangini is trying to build with character and discipline. It would be a shock if Mangini wanted Stallworth, who has been with four teams in the previous four seasons and was never known for his toughness.

The league can say Stallworth is welcome to play again, but not in 2009. Not after what happened on March 14. Stay out of trouble and come back a new man in 2010. Some team will give you a chance, but the name on the door should not be Cleveland, according to the Plain Dealer.

Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer


Raiders' Russell will hold own passing game camp

Oakland Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell(notes) has apparently developed a work ethic or has at least grown tired of hearing he doesn't have one.

Russell announced that sometime between the last day of spring practice and the beginning of training camp July 30 he plans to host his own passing-game minicamp at an undisclosed location, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

I talked to coach (Tom Cable) about it," Russell said. "Sometimes they have the rookies come back here for a week, and instead of them coming back here, I decided we'll do it on our own. ... Get somewhere where nobody knows where you're at and go and do your own thing."

This is an ideal time for Russell to buff up his image and his game, considering that Jeff Garcia(notes) is competing like a maniac for the starting quarterback job, doing everything but letting the air out of Russell's tires, according to the Chronicle.

Who will be invited to the secret camp?

"Everybody that plays receiver and wears the (Raiders') uniform."

What about other quarterbacks? (That's how I phrased my question, rather than asking, "Will Jeff Garcia be invited?")

"I don't know," Russell said. "Jeff just had a newborn, and Bruce (Gradowski) and (Charlie) Frye, we're working on that."

Source: San Francisco Chronicle


Giants sign $35-million sponsorship deal with Timex

Their first step toward eliminating the lines between sports and business for the New York Giants took place Wednesday in their sparkling new practice facility, which was renamed the Timex Performance Center, according to the New York Daily News.

As a result of their 15-year naming rights deal, worth a reported $35million, a small Timex patch will appear on both their blue and white practice jerseys this summer, the Daily News reported. It'll be placed on the front of the left shoulder, where the Super Bowl XLII patch was two years ago.

NFL owners voted to allow such patches at the league meetings back in March. The Denver Broncos, Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers, Houston Texans and Tennessee Titans are among the teams expected to wear sponsors' patches, too. The NFL does not allow corporate logos on game jerseys — at least not yet, according to the Daily News.

Source: New York Daily News


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