Should Browns rid themselves of Stallworth?

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell came down hard on receiver Donte' stallworth(notes). The Cleveland Plain Dealer believes the Cleveland Browns should also take a harsh approach and release him.

The Plain Dealer wrote: The Browns can deliver that message to the rest of their players by releasing Stallworth, who certainly doesn't fit into a team that Eric Mangini is trying to build with character and discipline. It would be a shock if Mangini wanted Stallworth, who has been with four teams in the previous four seasons and was never known for his toughness.

The league can say Stallworth is welcome to play again, but not in 2009. Not after what happened on March 14. Stay out of trouble and come back a new man in 2010. Some team will give you a chance, but the name on the door should not be Cleveland, according to the Plain Dealer.

Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer

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