Chargers' Merriman looking at four-game suspension?

San Diego Chargers outside linebacker Shawne Merriman(notes) may need to take a break from playing football pretty soon and it won't be because he wants to. The San Diego Sheriff's Department has apparently turned over all the info it has about Merriman's arrest late Saturday night to the San Diego District Attorney's office, which will soon advise on whether Merriman should be charged or not, according to the Associated Press.Merriman is in a war of words with former girlfriend Tila Tequila about just what the heck he was doing when he supposedly choked Tequila and threw her to the ground on Saturday night when she was trying to leave his house. Merriman is saying he "in no way caused any harm" to Tequila, who was checked over by paramedics on the scene. Tequila, of course, says otherwise. But the word is that if Merriman gets charged a

t all, the league is ready to suspend him for four games.

Source: ESPN/Associated Press

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